Dry as Rain

He’d give anything to forget the one thing she can’t remember.

From the bestselling author of Crossing Oceans comes a powerfully moving story that tests the limits of love’s forgiveness. Like many marriages, Eric and Kyra Yoshida’s has fallen apart slowly, one lost dream and misunderstanding at a time, until the ultimate betrayal finally pushes them beyond reconciliation. Just when it looks like forgive and forget is no longer an option, a car accident gives Eric the second chance of a lifetime. A concussion causes his wife to forget details of her life, including the chasm between them. No one knows when—or if—Kyra’s memory will return, but Eric seizes the opportunity to win back the woman he’s never stopped loving.



“Holmes writes from Eric’s point of view, skillfully keeping readers in suspense as they wonder when and if Kyra will regain her memory. Adultery guilt, forgiveness, and, eventually, healing are exarnined in this well-written, compelling, faith-based novel.”

Romantic Times

“Holmes grabs the reader with a unique storyline about infidelity and what it truly means to forgive after betrayal.  By looking at the situation from a different angle, the author provides a great deal of food for thought and contemplation.”

Library Journal

“Holmes examines the effects of infidelity upon a marriage. Eric and Kyra Yoshida had been drifting apart for years when Kyra discovered the betrayal that led to their separation. When a horrendous car accident erases part of Kyra’s memory, Eric realizes that she has forgotten what happened. Is this his opportunity to win Kyra back? Does he even deserve a second chance? Is it fair to take advantage of her memory loss? VERDICT Holmes’s debut, Crossing Oceans, was a Christian Bookseller’s Association best seller and was positively reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly and Romantic Times, which will guarantee her readers for her second novel. Fans of emotionally packed domestic fiction will love it.”

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